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Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

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While maintaining a healthy weight is commonly associated with heart health and avoiding chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, achieving weight loss can be a life-long struggle. In fact, literally millions of Americans are on a diet at any given time. Most will be unsuccessful.

Fortunately, there is a revolutionary treatment in Orlando for weight loss using a gastric balloon that has proven to be safe and effective. Unlike most weight loss surgery programs that involve stomach surgery like gastric bypass, this new technology is:

  • Non-surgical– While under mild sedation, a soft gastric balloon is inserted orally through the esophagus and placed directly into the stomach. Once it’s safely in position, the balloon is slowly expanded until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. This is what will cause the sensation of feeling full.
  • Non-invasive– Most gastric balloon procedures last 30 minutes. After about 2 hours in recovery, the majority of patients return home the same day. Since there are no stitches to care for or incisions to heal, there are generally no physical restrictions once the sedative wears off. Patients can immediately resume their normal activities and begin their weight loss journey.
  • Not permanent– The gastric balloon can remain in the stomach for 6 months. Removal simply involves a non-surgical endoscopic procedure, which is far less invasive than removing other weight loss devices like the gastric sleeve or gastric band.

Patients interested in the gastric balloon treatment for weight loss are medically evaluated in the Orlando office to determine whether the treatment is right for them. 

Comprehensive Support to Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

It is important to note that the gastric balloon alone will not cause weight loss. Rather, the full sensation patients experience while the balloon is inserted gives them an opportunity to comfortably learn and adopt new healthy nutrition and exercise habits—without hunger and cravings that sabotage success.

To help guide patients, the program includes an online portal for weight loss management, as well as easy access to helpful information and support along the way. Since most of the weight will be lost while the balloon is inserted, a user-friendly app is available to help keep patients on track following removal.

If you’re searching for a weight loss doctor in the Orlando area or want to learn more about the gastric balloon, contact Central Florida Hepatology & Gastroenterology at 407.303.1812 or book an appointment online today.