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Video Capsule Enteroscopy Using Pillcam or Smartpill

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A traditional endoscopy reaches only the initial three to six feet of the small intestine, whereas a video capsule enteroscopy screening procedure allows physicians to examine the most difficult to reach areas within the small bowel. Our gastroenterologists are able to investigate the hard to reach places and look for tumors that may be hidden using devices such as Pillcam and Smartpill. These devices provide images through the use of a small capsule that the patient has swallowed.

At the onset of the screening, you will be asked to swallow a very small capsule that contains a various data capturing devices. The capsule travels through the digestive system and takes up to two pictures every second. While the capsule is traveling, you will be required to wear a small recording device. The recording device is worn on the belt much like a cell phone or iPod. It uses wireless technology and provides valuable data that can be evaluated by your gastroenterologist.

After several hours, the images collected are transferred to a computer where they can be seen and examined. Your gastroenterologist will carefully review the images of your small bowel for abnormalities. Potential tumors may be identified. Reasons for bleeding and pain may also be determined through review of the transmitted images.

The video capsule enteroscopy provides cutting edge technology, as your physician is able to see about 20 feet of the small intestine. This amount of small bowel would not be visible with traditional colonoscopy or endoscopy procedures. The screening process provides detailed information about the small bowel and reveals areas where there may be hidden tumors or abnormalities.

Video capsule enteroscopy is a non-invasive screening process that is painless. If the patient has problems swallowing the capsule, there are other alternatives. The endoscope can be inserted into the stomach. Swallowing the capsule is ideal and takes about eight hours to completely pass through the digestive system. The process is painless and useful in determining problems associated with the small intestine.

If you would like more information about video capsule enteroscopy and to learn if it is necessary to diagnose your symptoms, please contact one of our board certified gastroenterologists today. The outcome could provide you with much needed relief!

To learn more about Video Capsule Enteroscopy screening using Pillcam or Smartpill., please contact Central Florida Hepatology & Gastroenterology at 407.303.1812 or request an appointment on our website.